Why Bulgaria?

Manufactured in Bulgaria
High performance transformers for the needs of the electric power industry. Bulgarian manufactured power transformers are provided with the most advanced manufacturing and testing equipment.

High-end energy saving sensors for various applications in different industries ranging from automotive through food and beverage production to agriculture equipment.

World class batteries for submarines, yachts, trains, airplanes, helicopters, military applications.

Semiconductors and semiconductor products used in medical, machine building and automotive manufacturing globally by companies such as BMW, GM, Mercedes.

Traditions in engineering
In the 1970s and 1980sBulgaria was among the leaders of electronics manufacturing in Eastern Europe.
In the 1980s Bulgarian companies launched a number of joint projects with leading international electronic manufacturing companies like Varta, AEG, Toshiba.
In the 1980s Bulgaria supplied more than 40% of the mainframe and personal computers in the Eastern Europe.
In 1965 – The Bulgarian ELKA 6521 was the first European electronic calculator. ELKA 6521 was among the most popular electronic calculators in Europe in the 1960s and 1970s.
In 1969 – In Plovdiv began assembling the cars Renault 8 and Renault 10.
In 1972 – The first Bulgarian-made space equipment was launched into space.
In 1975 Bulgaria exported more than 30 000 electronic calculators ELKA for Switzerland.
In 2007 – Lufthansa Technik Sofia was founded as a joint venture between Lufthansa Technik AG and Bulgarian Aviation Group.

Case Study
D-check is the most comprehensive and pedantic check for the aircraft serviceability. It is also known as Heavy Maintenance Visit (HMV). This check is performed at each 5-6 years. Often on more than 100 technicians are simultaneously working on one Boeing 747. Usually, such a check takes between 21 and 60 days depending on the aircraft and the number of the technicians. Lufthansa Technik Sofia manages to perform only within 16 days the quickest D1 check on Airbus A320 among the whole group of 31 companies.

Quality resources
Bulgaria offers qualified and experienced workforce for the needs of the engineering – from assembly workers to highly qualified engineers. Workforce in the industry is available all over the country at the most competitive cost in Europe.
Bulgarian technical high schools and universities are working together with the companies in the sector to create future qualified workforce – the business provide them with modern equipment and offer opportunities for student practices. CEOs and Technical directors are speakers at lectures.
There are five technical universities in Bulgaria.
Bulgarian secondary education is among the best in the world with the country ranking 5th in the world in sciences and 11th in mathematics. – World Bank
There are many engineers who seek realization abroad as a project work. Their aim is to improve their skills and to gain international experience. Many of them have worked at oil platforms in Norway and Sweden; in Germany and Hungary software engineers have found good realization and the Czech Republic is for those ones who understand the automotive industry. – Manpower
Others choose…
Siemens chose Bulgaria for the home of its engineering outsourcing centers for house automation systems and conventional energy sources, servicing 12 countries.
Key Activities and Products manufactured in Bulgaria:

Ingredients for high tension measure transformers used in the energy sector
High voltage electrical engineering components for the electric industry
Automation and control devices used in manufacturing industry
Engineering solutions

Bulgaria produces hydraulic pumps for Mercedes and BMW.

Bulgaria produces bearings for Europe, America and Asia, with main clients Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Renault, Peugeot, etc.

A Bulgarian engineer has devised the automatic automotive transmission. The patented invention has been sold to major automotive companies including Honda, Renault, Peugeot, Rover, DaimlerChrysler and Suzuki.

Bulgaria is still among the main producers of universal lathes in the world.

In Bulgaria Montupet plant produces engine heads for the whole series “Q” of Audi.

The technology development office of Johnson Controls in Bulgaria employs 563 engineers, making it the largest one of the company worldwide. For comparison, the center in the U.S. employs 234 engineers, the one in France 206 and the center in Yokohama, Japan only 7. Among the largest customers are BMW, Ford, Renault, GM, Opel and Volkswagen.

Specialized government incentives – this is why Bulgaria has lower prices
Bulgaria has 10% corporate income tax rate and 10% personal income tax – the lowest in EU.
Bulgaria has attractive price and rent of industrial properties.
In Bulgaria are the lowest Price of Electricity and Natural Gas in Europe.
The average monthly salary in Bulgaria is nearly five times lower than the average salary in France, for example although the engineering sector is more generous to its employees than other sectors in the country. – BNB
Stable parliamentary democracy
Bulgaria is EU (since 2007), NATO (since 2004) and WTO (since 1996) member.
Bulgaria’s currency is fixed to the Euro under a currency board arrangement.
Bulgaria is the only European country with an increased credit rating by Moody’s since the beginning of 2010.