We understand we are responsible for satisfying our customers’ needs. For this reason we are aiming at offering high quality products and services. Thanks to co-operating only with proven manufactures, Spectronic holds a leading position on the Bulgarian market.All of our distributed appliances have been tested at every production stage – projection, assembly, wiring and actual test – only in proven laboratories. The processes guarantee accurate and reliable systems.

Fluid & Metering Technologies

Spectronic Ltd. offers fully integrated metering systems designed to meet all customer needs. We officially distribute the measurement equipment of the global leader IDEX Corporation and its Europe units Sampi and Sponsler.

Pumping solutions

Corken, also part of the IDEX Corporation, is our official partner in manufacture and distribution of industrial compressors and pumping solutions.
We can provide various mobile and stationery systems with Sampi’s rotary vane type pumps (RVP) – road tankers, terminal, bulk plants and dispensing points.

Fuel transportation
Thanks to our partnership with Stokota, OMSP Macola and Schwarzmueller we are able to offer the best solutions for tank trucks – high quality tanks in aluminum or steel with a large package of standard equipment and a rich choice in options and varieties.