Level measurement systems to control the available fuel in tanks and gas stations

Level gauge systems are designed to read the temperature and fuel level when fresh fuel is delivered to the tank. They consist of level measuring probes that are installed in each individual tank in the site and connected to a level measuring console (wired or wireless). Installation, adjustments and measurement for accuracy are carried out with reference equipment from a specialized service laboratory and are a necessary condition for the correct functioning of the systems. Spectronic has all the necessary certificates and trained specialists to assemble a fully functional level measuring system and can assist you at every stage of its commissioning.

Level measuring systems and their accuracy

The most important condition is to have correct calibration tables for each tank. Calibration tables are mandatory for any commercial fuel trading facility or departmental gas station and are prepared by an accredited, certified laboratory for calibration of measuring instruments. They are valid for 5 years, and the data from them are entered into the level measurement system, which is a guarantee for the customer as well, that the fuel loaded and paid for by him is accurately measured.

All level measuring systems alone do not send information to the NRA, but must first be connected to an Electronic System with Fiscal Memory (ESFP), which performs the remote connection. Level measuring systems can be connected to ESFP, which have a valid certificate that they are of an approved type of measuring devices according to European requirements, and at the same time they are legalized.

We offer only equipment that meets all requirements and offer warranty and post-warranty service.

After commissioning a new or repaired level measuring system, its owner is obliged to submit an application to the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology (BIM) for an initial metrological inspection. During operation over the years, like all measuring devices, the level measuring system is also subject to subsequent checks.

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