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Spectronic (PTY) LTD is part of the SSG Group. For more than nineteen years, we have been providing customized engineering and software solutions, uncompromising quality and service to the fuels and LPG industry.

We have a proven and demonstrated track record in the construction of oil bases with multiple projects in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Malta, Eastern Europe and North Africa in the following segments:

– Design and construction of fuel depots and terminals and LPG installations.

– Provision, installation and servicing of measuring equipment for installations for light fuels and LPG.

– Warehouses for aviation fuels and measuring equipment for Military and Civil Aviation.

– Design and construction of various types of SKIDs for the petroleum industry, including (but not limited to): Gasoline columns; Flowmeters with a large flow rate for loading and unloading fuels at a speed of 35 liters to 7500 liters per minute; Additive mixing systems for all types of fuels, etc.

– Construction of all types of warehouses or tankers for light fuels and/or LPG. Repair of road tankers for transport of light fuels and LPG.

– Software for the control and management of tax warehouses for light fuels within the meaning of the Law on Excise and Tax Warehouses, terminals and gas stations.


– Fiscal systems and software approved under the Value Added Tax Law.

As we work strictly to order, we ensure that all our clients’ needs are fully satisfied.

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