Implemented projects - SKID and oil bases abroad


  • SKID, equipped with 2 flowmeters for petrol and diesel
  • 5 additive injectors
  • 2 arms for bottom filling
  • Electronic register Multiload II
  • Grounding and overflow systems


  • 8 measuring SKIDs equipped with 3 flow meters, system for adding accessories (5 accessories for each charging arm)
  • Radar level measurement system
  • TMS + ATG module software
  • Scada for pump control
  • Grounding and overflow systems
  • Measuring SKID for unloading of railway tanks - working flow 7000 l/min

Austria - Oil base

Installation of a flow meter system consisting of:

  • Inlet flow meter
  • Output flow meter
  • Software installation
  • Installing a fuel marking system

Macedonia - Oil base with underground tanks

Design and installation of an automation system consisting of:

  • Two flow meters Liquid controls at the outlet - for diesel and gasoline
  • Electronic register TE550
  • Grounding and overflow systems
  • DAS software
  • The system manages 20 tanks and a scale

Slovenia - Base for special oils

Installation of an oil mixing system consisting of:

  • Two flow meters for input - for diesel and for oils
  • Three flow meters for output - for diesel, base oils and rapeseed oil
  • Blending system at the outlet for mixing diesel and oils according to a given recipe
  • Mixing pump


  • Installing a pump system
  • Installing a flow meter
  • Software installation


  • Installation of a system of flow meters with a flow rate of 3,000 l/min
  • Installation of a cascade of pumps
  • Software installation

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