Software designed to manage tank terminals processes


Why TMS?


Cost saving

Productivity and efficiency

Transparency and prediction

Perfect Ordering


Ease of use

Strong security and high access control

Quick assistance

What is TMS?

TMS is automation software intended to manage the processes in petrol terminals which deliver, store and sale liquid fuels and chemical products. TMS builds database from electronic registers in real time and allows an easy sales and delivery management. TMS regulates the storage, loading and unloading allowing the operator to control the processes:

  • TMS can take in orders for loading and unloading transactions
  • receive sales requests from customers or sell without prior request
  • monitor the readings of electronic registers in real time
  • Orders can be identified by RFID cards
  • sets the start of transactions
  • Document for current loading or unloading transaction and for transactions from past periods are printable
  • monitor alarms warning of too low or too high levels of products in the tanks.

Why TMS?

  • Reliability based on the quality; our product is tested on every step with real equipment. It is almost impossible to lose transactions due to electricity crash
  • Cost saving because of the low price and possibility for working with multiple electronic registers
  • Productivity and efficiency because of the automated process of delivery and sales
  • Transparency and prediction because of the full transactions database
  • Perfect Ordering registration of products, orders, customers, vehicles, drivers, employees, depots, receipts and customizable reports
  • Optimization TMS collects data from different devices (TE500, AccuLoad3 and Vega) even at the same time
  • Ease of use Simple interface with option for translation
  • Strong security and high access control because of the different accesses for different business levels
  • Quick assistance because of the possibility for remote maintenance and service


Electronic registers integration


SAMPI TE550 Blending

FMC Accuload III

Multiload ΙΙ и ΙΙΙ


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