Petroleum automation software designed to manage the processes of delivery, storage and sale of liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel, gas or chemicals.

PLC Automation

In any industrial process – manufacturing, assembly, packaging – you can reduce your company's costs and increase productivity with PLC automation.


SCADA (Надзор, управление и събиране на данни). SCADA е цялостна система за управление на заводи, рафинерии, електроцентрали. Тя е съчетание от използването на хардуер и софтуерни елементи, които гарантират самстоятелното функциониране на системата и защита от хакерски атаки.
Worker engineer control process of production uses computer with modern SCADA system which showing AI and machine learning. Bearded operator follow of industry process on factory

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